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The Definition

op'ti·mal adjective

The most favorable brand outcome under given restrictions

The brand sweet spot between business plans, market realities & sales goals 

The brand path that aligns the promise of opportunity to the reality of resources

How can we help you optimize your brand path?

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Brand Experience

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Recognize these brands? We have had a hand in charting their path. Let us apply our global expertise to help you map and pursue the optimal path for your brand.


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Brand Optimization


Your brand is only as strong as the weakest link in your marketing chain. Consider each of these strategic components, and ask which one(s) represents your greatest vulnerability.


Understanding the fiscal dynamics, operating model and category implications is nothing short of essential for marketing success.


Providing a crisp view of the company’s reason for being, culture and marching orders ensures everyone knows why they come to work


Face it, sales is everything. Knowing your target, how they evaluate, what motivates and what they think they know is critical.


Attention spans are tiny. Present solutions intuitively, be clear about what makes you different & choose messages that speak to needs.


A marketing framework is a launch pad for expressing your brand’s humanity, giving it life through imagery and engaging in conversation.


Build on the assets you have to help foster sales. Measure if promises made are delivered. Recover and adjust to ensure growth.


A brand’s path is rarely linear but an optimized brand plan has clarity into each component. We would be eager to talk to you about how we could help you strengthen your path to an optimized brand.

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Michael has developed marketing programs and steered business units over a career spanning more than 20 years and several countries on both the client and agency side. Today he offers clients global marketing expertise bolstered by operational savvy in sales, joint ventures, distribution development and business planning. His combined strategic and tactical competencies uniquely position him to help clients map out and pursue the path for optimizing their brand.

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